The Ghost of the Sammons Center

There’s been something spooky going on at the Sammons Center for the Arts! Some blame the suspicious activity on the creaky old building, but others have a different theory…


September 21st is a special day!

Have you heard? September 21 is a special day at the Sammons Center! Now until September 21, 2023, you can donate to our organization for North Texas Giving Day, and…

Provoking Piece on the City of Dallas Bond Allocations Issue

KERA’s Thought Provoking Piece on the City of Dallas Bond Allocations Issue

The amazing buildings that support hundreds of Dallas art groups and many hundreds of artists are falling apart. City investment is needed to keep them from deteriorating to critical condition.…

The Sammons Art Center for the arts logo

How We Became the Sammons Center for the Arts


4th of July Recipes from the Sammons Center Staff

As this is a long holiday weekend for the Sammons Center’s staff, we wanted to share a few 4th of July recipes that recipes we’ll be making this year. From…

Kurth Hall

Meet Harry

Meet Harry. Harry is 15 years old and is practicing in Kurth Hall for his piano recital at the Sammons Center later this summer. Harry is a member of the…

Close up shot of an of lady along with an old man smiling at the camera

Meet Cynthia and Blake!

MEET CYNTHIA AND BLAKE! These faces may be familiar to you if you have ever attended a Sammons Jazz concert! Cynthia has been the Sammons Jazz MC for many years,…

DJAM Logo-10thAnniversary-BlackOutline (5)

Celebrating 10 Years of Dallas Jazz Appreciation Month

Presented by a local volunteer collection of jazz presenters, educators, and supporters including the Sammons Center, Dallas Jazz Appreciation Month (D’JAM) is a month-long celebration of jazz venues, artists, legends,…


“Creative, Beautiful, Soulful, and Real”

One of the things that we rent space for at the Sammons Center is recitals. We have special rates for them, to allow even very small studios to give their…