Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Sammons Center for the Arts created a Facility Reopening Policy to ensure the safe return of our patrons, guests, tenants, artists, and staff. Please view our statement regarding our response to COVID-19.

The Sammons Center for the Arts is known as an “Incubator” but is more like a “Greenhouse” for small performing arts groups. Located in the Historic Turtle Creek Pump station, we are home to 15 arts groups representing every performing arts discipline. Over 90 other arts organizations also regularly use our services and facilities year-round.


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Test Your AQ

Artistic Quotient

Test Your Creativity
Answer questions and receive an assessment of your level of creativity!


Can You Hear Shapes?
Are you good at visual learning? Take a test and find out your musical visual intelligence ability.


Think You Know Female Jazz Singers?
Test your knowledge about these ladies of jazz.

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