Michael Cook
Assistant Director

Howdy! I’m Michael. I was born in Kansas, grew up in Houston, and I’ve been in Dallas since 1994. I have a lot of unusual hobbies; I’ve devoted immense amounts of time to silk reeling, tablet weaving, and two-step dancing, and I’ve given a good college try to everything from knitting to silverpoint. I’ve written articles on fiber-arts techniques for several national publications, and I travel and teach from time to time. I’m an out-and-proud weirdo; I make my own soap and study lucid dreaming.

I live in Oak Cliff with my husband Chris, three little dogs, two cats, and a big organic garden full of fascinating nature which I enjoy studying and photographing. We used to have chickens, but need to re-cooperate after an attack of raccoons.

I’ve been with the Sammons Center since 1999, and I’ve seen a lot of growth and change here over the past twenty years!