Meet Harry

Meet Harry. Harry is 15 years old and is practicing in Kurth Hall for his piano recital at the Sammons Center later this summer. Harry is a member of the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra, which offices at the Center and practices here every Sunday. GDYO is one of the first tenants to have a home here, coming on board 35 years ago when we opened our doors in March of 1988. Harry is a great example of what a regular day looks like in our building and who we serve.
While we do accommodate the concerts, galas, and dances, you may be surprised to know that our community more frequently has needs for the rehearsals, meetings, and recitals that come beforehand. Not all art lives in museums and fancy theatres, and artists like Harry need spaces for their art too. They need spaces where their art can be created, developed, and enjoyed. We wouldn’t be surprised if Harry did find himself sitting at a Steinway at Carnegie Hall later down the road, but until then, Harry, we are here to help you get there by giving your art a home where it can grow.